Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update On The Colts

The two boys are doing really well. Here is a picture I love of Prika laying with her son Fritz. Very sweet photo.

This is the boys today. Resting in the sun with their mom's.

Breeze and Shiloh are on the left, Prika and Fritz are on the right.

Fritz on the run!!

A nice photo of Shiloh. The boys are growing a lot and getting big!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Foal!

Early this morning around 1 am, a little black tobiano filly (girl) was born! She is very stunning and does not have a lot of white.

She is going to have a gorgeous mane when she is older, mostly black with a splash of white!

Sweet girl. Nice markings. We are happy with her. One more foal to go......

Monday, May 3, 2010

2 new Foals!

This is Prikas colt (boy). He is a black tobiano paint. He was born around 11pm on May 2. He is gorgeous and very friendly.

What a little cutie!!!

Here he is this morning. Doing very well. I was hoping she would have a black tobiano colt ;)

This must be the year for black tobiano colts, because that is all we have been getting! Last year was the year for fillies.

Mommy and son.


This little guy was born May 1, so he is the first colt born of the 2. He is also a black tobiano colt. Very striking markings on him.

He is a little more shy than the other guy. But he is coming along.

Handsome boy. Big boy, he is very long legs and will be a big boy when he is done growing.

Mommy and son.
2 more foals still to come! Its been a busy weekend!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lily Is Here!

Well Lily arrived safe and sound this afternoon. We picked her up and brought her home without issue. She does not like to walk on a lead, but we will work on that.

She is settling in well. Kiwi is indifferent to her, all he cares about is food! Ebony is more put off by Lily right now and has been spitting at her a bit. But Ebony and Kiwi are used to living as a group of 2, so its an adjustment.
They are all doing pretty well when out in the big field - lots of space. Its when they are in close quarters that they quarrel a bit. They look really nice together.

Off for a little run!

They are loving the tender grass that is starting to grow! Lily has never seen horses before and was/is a little worried about them, but the llamas are not in with the horses now, so she can get used to them without having to be around them.

The lady that I bought Lily from is very nice - I 9otld her about breeding Ebony and how I did not think she was pregnant and she said she would bring her stud llama over in may and let him breed both Ebony and Lily so they can both have babies next year!! That will work great - then the girls will not be stressed by trailering and hopefully they will both get pregnant and havinf lovely babies. Or maybe Ebony is pregnant....I guess only time will tell.

Lily observing her new surroundings. She is such a pretty girl. The llamas are all scheduled to be shearing in a couple of weeks - that should be interesting!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Well Kiwi and Ebony have been anxious to get out to the back pastures. They are tired of being cooped up for the winter and wanted some space to run around. The ground is still too soft to let the horses out be we have allowed the llamas to go out the back and have some fun.

This is Lilly. She is our newest addition and we will be picking her up on Sunday. She is a gorgeous white llama with very soft fibre. She will look very nice with Kiwi and Ebony, as they are both very dark and Lilly is very light.

Here is Kiwi taking a walk out in the back can see the grass is starting to come up and the trees are looking green. I love spring...not all the mud (thanks horses!) but the new life, both animal and plant, the new colours and the warmer weather.

I am not certian, but I do not think Ebony is pregnant anymore. I think she probably absorbed the pregnancy a long time ago. She is not big looking, has no milk and is past her due date. I think we should have been seeing something by now. Will still keep our fingers crossed that there is a little one hiding in there somewhere.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

R.I.P "Crickets Star"

This morning Cricket delivered a premature, dead foal. It was a hard blow to us all, as we had been planning on keeping this foal. He was a gorgeous black tobiano colt. I had been hoping for a black tobiano colt. Though we were concerned for Cricket herself for a while, she is up and moving aorund now. She is looking for and calling to her foal right now. There are 3 more foals and 1 llama due soon, so lets pray for safe deliveries and healthy babies. Ebony is due next week and is doing well.
We have buried Crickets colt in the side yard and have named him 'Crickets Star' as he looks like him mommy except he has a little star on his forehead.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Moments

This is our new lab pup Dewie. He is a great boy and lots of fun to have around. He comes out each day as I do my chores and he likes to nap in my chair.

Trixie watching a cat in the back field. Spring is definitely here and its been great out this week. The snow is gone....and will hopefully stay gone....the horses are shedding and its been great weather to be outside.

Royal now. Bigger and just as beautiful. She is a lovely girl.

Breyer having a nap in the hay with Ebony and Kiwi. Ebony is due to foal next week, so will keep everyone posted when all the babies start arriving (5 this year).

This photo is from a couple weeks ago with all the snow, but it shows all the big bellies of the pregnant mares. They are all doing well. Breeze is the first one due, on April 16th.

New Ones

Its been a long time since I last posted anything :( its been so busy, but lets get up to date. There are 17 horses in total at the farm now. We have a stallion, who is friendly and gorgeous. We have a couple new mares and a new yearling. Twist, above, is a 10.5 month old filly. She is really nice and very friendly. I bought her mom and Twist came along too.

This is our stallion Breyer. He is handsome, well behaved and an all around nice boy. He will be breeding the majority of the mares this year, so we will have to wait until next spring to see his babies, but they should all be very nice foals.

This is Royal. She is a new breeding mare. She is very young in this picture, she is much older and much bigger now. She is a nice girl and we are happy to have her.

This is Prika. She is the dam of Twist, above. She is in foal right now with a full sibling to Twist. She is due to foal in May. She will be bred to Breyer this spring after she foals.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Riding

Ali and I did little riding the other day. She is just learning to carry a rider, and has only been backed 5-6 times. She is doing really well. Tomorrow I am taking her over ot a friends farm for a month to get some serious work done....its too cold to ride outside long and he has an indoor arena.

Ali learning to whoa.

Bucky Boy in the snow. Its been warm and then very cold out here. Tonight it was -23 with the wind chill and my cheeks were they begin to defrost they are burning. All the horses seem to be doing fine in the weather...they all have nice cozy blankets on.

Ace with a pretty winter background. He will be broke to the trails this year. Time to get him out and about. He is doing very well and is back to begin his old self again.

Ace in the snow. I am ready for spring.

Pregnant Mares

Ha ha, please excuse the view ;) This is just showing how wide Cricket is getting. The mares are all due in the spring, not too long now....very exciting.

This is Breeze. She is the first one due. This will be her first foal. It should be a really nice foal, they all should. All the babies are paints.

Ruby is getting vey big. She is the last one due to foal....5 days later than Cricket.

What a big belly! Ruby has had several foals before.

New Arrivals

This is Indy. He is a gorgeous paint stallion. We bought him from out west. He is not here yet, he does not arrive until the spring. He will be breeding our mares this year. We are very excited to have him and are looking forward to meeting him soon! He is homozygous, so he cannot produce a solid coloured foal.

This is Bandit. She is also new and is not hear yet. She is an addition to our broodmare band. She is not due to arrive until the summer, as she is being bred before she comes out here. She is a gorgeous Black Tobiano from the same farm as Breeze.

Just a couple more views of Bandit. She is quite the looker ;)